Saturday, October 29, 2005

The Woodsman

The movie hits you somewhere between your solar plexus and your heart.

Nicole Kassell , the director, has won a lot of critical acclaim in the Indie film circuit and this film has been exhibited in a whole host of festivals. It was also nominated for the grand jury prize at Sundance.

Kevin Bacon ( resurfacing after a hiatus and Mystic River) has done a great job in portraying a sex offender who gets out on parole. He stays ironically opposite a school playground and works in a lumberyard. He is attracted to this no-nonsense woman (Kyra Sedgwick) and a relationship begins here. Eve ( The rapper) plays a good role in the movie.

He befriends Robin, a little girl and slowly is drawn towards her . The scenes which Kevin Bacon confronts his desire and faces his fears is sheer class.

The last 10 minutes just take you on such an emotional high. The movie is quiet, silent and subtle ; Yet screams out at you once you start watching it.Watch the movie at full volume as the natural sounds add to the impact.

Would rate this movie a 8.0 on overall impact , 6.5 on presentation and 6.5 for the soundtrack.
The Bacon Brothers (Kevin and his bro) have a song in this movie.

Worth a involved dekko.

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