Monday, October 17, 2005

Link List - II - Too Assorted

Experience great books

Blog on Sci Fi FX in films

What do you think your name would be if you were a pirate? Take a quiz and find out...

The not-so-known-part of Angelina Jolie's life

PDA for the Not So Rich (Damn Neat )

Freakonomics : If You haven't read the book yet, Pls do....But, nevertheless, do see the site and the Blog and the Links....They rock

If You Thought only women were obsessed with footwear, Think again!!!

Nerd TV : A New Show on PBS with famous Techie guys...(2 episodes old)

Population data... A Must see for the unique map

George Bush Dictionary

More Super Satire

New Product from Gillette (Whoa!)

How many cups of whatever can you have before you pop it?

Katrina Related :
Article which Nat Geo and Scientific American had published about Hurricanes and New Orleans

Poverty Map of New Orleans (PDF )

More on Katrina - Map to tell you depth of water

Barbara Bush's insensitive quote

Blacks "Loot" supplies; Whites "Find" Supplies - Somethings Never Change

Every dog has its day

Katrina Humour ??!! (Though mostly fake)

Obviously Michael Moore Had something to say on Katrina

OK... Got it... Enough of Katrina....

Special Effects and The Last Samurai - More Specifically; Matte Paintings

Art at its farty best - Art made out of your DNA sample and hence Unique

Priceless !! Superman Captures Hitler & Hitler and wins WWII

All about Zorro

When You Gotta Go...

Clinton and Lewinsky are Famous in China

An "Out of the world" Idea from Nisin Foods

Pam, Yoda and Bart Roolz!!

In case you did not know what to do with your money,You can go to this Really Cheap hotel....

And rent out this really cheap room...

If You want a really Flashy Car

Trade in Fantasy Stocks... But this time, in emerging technologies,Gizmos and concepts

One of the most useful blogs

Captain Haddock's Swear Phrases :))

Very good Cartoon - Flea

Great Timepass Site !!Dont Miss!!

Pam's Latest Video is on KFC and Chicken Cruelty :)>

Cool Artist - Desolate Cityscapes

If You hate Hard Rock and adore Soft Rock, Here's a nice site

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