Thursday, August 19, 2004

My First Blog ( I guess this one is the most used title in the history of Blogging)

What a crazy week it has been! Out of action for 3 days and just thinking through what I wanted todo to kill boredom. I thought I will make Top lists for everything ( a la John Cusack's Character Rob Gordon in "High Fidelity" (IMDB Link : and rant and rave about a few movies every day...If this BLOG degenerates into a sort of personal Journal, so be it.

So, here goes :
Top 3 Songs to Hum when you are Feeling Low
1. What a Wonderful World - Louis Armstrong ( Lyrics :
2. Tubthumping - Chumbawumba - Feels kind of crazy when you hear the line "Pissing the Night Away" sung as it is the mushiest line ever written! (Lyrics :
3. Bizarre Love Triangle - Frente (Lyrics :!/57294.html)

Movie :

The ultimate reference page is . It has all the dope on the movie which will make you hit the pause / rewind buttons very frequently when you watch the movie AGAIN after looking at this site. To hear what made Tarantino do all that he did in Kill Bill, see .

City of God
(IMDB - ;
Official Site : ; Original Book by Paulo Lins :
Actually made as a movie in Portugese (I never ever thought I will watch a movie in Portugese), this deals with the seamy underbelly of Rio and the life in the slum called "Cidade De Deus - City of God". Interesting names for characters like Rocket, Lil' Dice, Carrot, Knockout Ned, The Runts, Tender Trio, etc. The The movie has a narrative similar to Alaypaayuthey ( Saathiya for the people who live in North India), Pulp Fiction, Amores Perros (More about this movie later) where somewhere the end of the movie loops back to the beginning. Unforgettable characters. When is this movie going to see the theatres in India???

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