Sunday, April 16, 2006

Indian Ocean, Pakipop, Raahat Ali Khan, Vital Signs & Fuzon

Songs from Indian Movies

Indipop Archives

Bhangra Numbers

Indian Ocean - 3 Albums


Desert Rain (Live)

Black Friday


Meekal Hassan (Super Paki Pop)

Raahat Ali Khan Songs

Vital Signs
(Great 80's Paki Band)
One of their Greatest numbers was Sanwali Saloni... Familiar??
Bappida Ripped this shamelessly in "Hum Sab Chor hain)..
The Vital Signs Version ; The Bappida Version
(Thanks to
Full MP3 Here

The Other Famous number was Dil Dil Pakistan
(Courtesy - - One of the best Pakipop and Pakirock Collections online)

Fuzon - Tracks from The New & Upcoming Album

Songs from the previous Album Here

Includes the Amazing Khamaj - Song Here and Lyrics Here

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Anonymous said...

awsum blog buddy, liked it a lot, i wanted the indian ocean albums and they were here thanks a lot, and then i read other things too and thanks for the lounge links, and pretty informative blog too particularly the movie section(city of joy):)
ohh yeah i liked that table chik too :)
thanks again bro